Facial Treatment Rooms
Four Layer Facial
     Renourishes, oxygenates, improves skin's moisture retention and rejuvenates
     complexion. Our "Star Treatment" facial is a multi-faceted treatment that delivers the
     ultimate deep cleansing, purification, oxygenation and optimum hydration.
     Personalized gels penetrate thru mild ionized currents for radiant skin.
  • Results: Renourishes , oxygenates, improves skin's moisture retention and
    rejuvenates complexion.  

  • LIFTOSOME FIRM & LIFT (55 Mins) $90
  • Our signature treatment will visibly transform the s kin within to firm, lift and add
    renewed radiance with vitamins C,E & F. This treatment acts on the skin through in-
    depth penetration of the firming active ingredients using thermal self heating mask.
  • Results: Liftosome facial aims to energize, tighten, firm & smooth away fine lines;
    adding a luminous glow to the complexion.

  • This dual effect treatment uses papaya and pineapple enzymes blended with natural
    fruit acids of apples, grapes, oranges and lemon to eliminate dead cells and impurities
    that contribute to dull complexion, pigmentation marks, fine lines and blemishes.  
  • Results: This treatment is designed to remove or minimize imperfections and bring
    the skin back to a renewed beauty.

  • EUROPEAN FACIAL (55 Mins) $80
  • Will nourish and improve elasticity while re-balancing the skin. To soften the skin, you
    will be treated to the luxury of a Shiatsu massage. Deep activating enzymes loosen
    and help surface impurities allowing extraction to take place. A hydrating mask is

  • FOUR-LAYER FACIAL (55 Mins) $85
  • Named “…the best facial of the century…” by Cosmopolitan. Layer upon layer of pure
    fresh seaweed rejuvenates, tones and helps firm the skin. This mineral mask creates
    its own gentle warmth to activate the properties of the seaweed mask, prolonging the
    treatment’s dramatic results.
  • Results:  The results are impressive-younger looking skin with visibly renewed
    moisture and an after glow that lasts. Just touch your skin and feel the difference.

  • This is an isometric exercise treatment. When the formula hardens, it gently begins to
    coax the facial muscles to strengthen, tighten and give them the ability to shift up.
    This procedure will relax lines, fade dark circles under the eyes, lighten acne scars,
    fade liver spots and remove toxins from the skin.  This gives a youthful, dewy glow,
    allowing you to look years younger. For optimum results, 3 treatments are
    recommended. Maintain once a month.

  • TEEN FACIAL (45 Mins) $60
  • It’s never too early to address the need for proper skin care.  Learn the do’s & don’ts
    of a cleansing routine to keep and promote that healthy natural look.

  • MEN'S SPORTS FACIAL (45 min) $60
  • This facial utilizes high grade skin care products formulated specifically for a man's
    skin and lifestyle.  Intended to rid skin of blackheads, ingrown hairs and roughness,
    the Sports Facial has been tremendously successful at treating the most common
    male skin conditions and is appropriate to treat all skin types.

  • The combination of gentle vapor mist and a fruit acid enzyme peel are used to remove
    impurities that cause blemishes and clogged pores.  The skin is left feeling fresh and
    clean.  Your skin will look and feel cleaner, softer and healthier.  Great for oily skin or
    acne-prone skin.

  • HOT STONES FACIAL   (55 Mins) $85
  • One of the most sought after treatments.  This calming and relaxing facial is for those
    who want to go beyond the normal facial.  Warm, smooth stones are placed in specific
    points to dissolve stress and enhance the therapeutic benefits of the facial.
  • Pure collagen masks are potent and convenient anti-aging
    treatments. Plump and smooth fine lines, reduce crow's feet and
    minimize dark circles.

  • Eye treatments $15
  • Lip Treatments $10
  • Retail Packs     $15 (per 5Ct.)
    (For at home use)
Facial Treatments